Mylin Biotech Pvt Ltd

Scripting Innovation for
Active Health...

About Mylin

Mylin Biotech has emerged and evolved as a "research and innovations" based young organisation since its humble beginnings in the year 2012.

The products at Mylin Biotech undergo stringent clinical trials right from Phase II, III, IV to ensure their efficacy and adherence to world class quality standards.

We are proud to have completed and published 5 clinical trials in reputed journals of Pre-dialysis, Dialysis, Cancer and Liver cirrhosis.

The relentless efforts of the Mylin R&D team has helped in the filing of 3 patent applications in India and 1 PCT.


Relentless pursuit of the “diseases that begin in the gut” and overcome them by providing targeted interventional therapies, reduce the disease burden and enhance the quality of patient's life.


To emerge as the leaders in providing Evidence based therapeutic solutions that are both, beneficial and affordable to all patients across India and the rest of the world.

From the CEO’s Desk

“Scripting Innovation for Active Health...” has been the primary motto at Mylin Biotech India Private Limited, since its humble beginning in 2012.

The Father of Medicine - Hippocrates, always articulated that all diseases originate from the gut. Much later the scientific community started focusing on the key role of Gut Dysbiosis in chronic diseases.

Mylin Biotech has primarily addressed this issue through its innovative products. Since inception, Mylin Biotech has continuously focused on understanding the intestinal milieu and gut dysbiosis and has relentlessly pursued ways and means to prevent the associated comorbidities and the progression of diseases due to these issues.

A strong R & D effort at Mylin Biotech has helped us to empower the medical fraternity through our innovative products. These innovations have helped the patient community lead an active quality of life with a great degree of reduced disease burden.

“Integrity” has been the single most powerful core value that has helped us at MBIPL in making world class brands that have the potential to add more value and quality to the lives of people that need these products.

Mylin Biotech is all set to embark on a lifelong journey from India to the rest of the world with evidence-based solutions in Chronic Disease and contribute to a “Healthier Society”

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