Our Infrastructure

"Our State of the Art Manufacturing Facility adheres to the Guidelines laid by International Probiotics Association (IPA)"

Manufacturing Excellence

Step into our Manufacturing division, where the synergy of advanced technology and meticulous processes gives rise to exceptional Nutraceutical formulations. We unite innovation, precision, and quality to craft extraordinary nutraceuticals. We pride ourselves that Mylin Biotech is approved by the prestigious Bureau Veritas, UK for meeting the stringent international GMP standards of ISO 9001:2015 for Manufacturing & Dispatch of Nutraceutical Formulations & Health Supplements.

Facility Capacity

Our facility boasts of our capability to produce 120 million capsules and
7 million sachets annually enabling us to meet client demands without compromising on quality or efficiency


Operating under Class 100000 (ISO 8) conditions in accordance with cGMP guidelines, our facility is committed to meeting the strictest regulatory requirements. We proudly comply with standards set forth by the FDA, IPA, WHO, and FSSAI.


Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality encompasses sourcing premium materials from reputable manufacturers, ensuring our products’ excellence, while our rigorous quality control with advanced analytical techniques guarantees consistent exceptional quality in every batch.

Precision in Production

Cutting-edge machineries and equipment supplied by industries’-leading manufacturers and skilled personnel overseen by experienced experts together ensure meticulous production operations

Environmental Responsibility

Dedicated to lean manufacturing principles, we prioritize waste reduction and efficiency while exemplifying our commitment to environmental responsibility through waste-management systems and energy-efficient processes

Advancing Wellness through Science and Innovation

Harnessing scientific expertise, clinical data, and meticulous microbial analysis in our advanced laboratory, our products ensure purity and safety while our dedicated formulation team pioneers industry innovation with novel compounds and formulations