Nitrophage Forte

  • In Uremic Pruritus and patients on Dialysis

Chronic kidney disease-associated pruritus’ (CKD-aP) remains a frequent and compromising symptom in patients with advanced or end-stage renal disease

Kidney International (2015) 87, 685–691
Reduces IL-6, TNF-α.
Improves CVD Morbidity risk factors
Improves QOL-General health improvement seen in 78% patients
(QOL - SF 36 KDoQI).
Reduces CRP
Improves Nutritional Status


Daily 1-2 Sachets or as recommended by the Physician


Empty 1 gm sachet powder into 10-20ml of normal water or can be taken directly 15-20 minutes before Meal. (Not to be taken with milk or hot water)

International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology


What is Nitrophage Forte used for?

Nitrophage Forte is India’s first scientifically proven solution for CKD disease patients undergoing dialysis. It effectively minimises complications associated with dialysis, with real-life feedback indicating a notable reduction in Uremic Pruritus.

How is Nitrophage Forte different from other probiotics?

Nitrophage Forte is the first clinically proven product in India. Aligning with the WGO 2012 guidelines, which emphasise the necessity of clinical validation for probiotics, Nitrophage Forte’s unique strains are scientifically proven. It’s crucial to note that other probiotics manufacturers cannot and should not extrapolate the clinical results of Nitrophage Forte.

What does Nitrophage Forte do?

Nitrophage Forte actively reduces inflammatory markers such as hsCRP, TNF-α, and IL-6 in patients with CKD. Research indicates a positive impact on cardiovascular function, demonstrating improvements in HDL, LDL, TRIGLYCERIDES, and TOTAL CHOLESTEROL.

What scientific data supports Nitrophage Forte?

Explore the findings of a prospective study assessing the safety and efficacy of symbiotic supplementation (a combination of probiotics and prebiotics) in stage 5D chronic kidney disease patients, as published in the International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology in April 2017, Volume 6, Issue 4, on page 765.

When and how should I take Nitrophage Forte, and what is the recommended dosage?

Take one sachet of Nitrophage Forte 15 minutes before meals. Empty the contents into 20ml of normal water (avoid using lukewarm or hot water), stir it (no need to mix thoroughly), and consume. Follow the dosage advice provided by your physician

What is the pack size and storage recommendation for Nitrophage Forte?

Each box of Nitrophage Forte comprises 30 sachets. It is advised to store it in the refrigerator. Do not freeze it.