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Nitrophage Forte

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Chronic kidney disease-associated pruritus’ (CKD-aP) remains a frequent and compromising symptom in patients with advanced or end-stage renal disease. Kidney International (2015) 87, 685–691

In CKD-aP patients, modulating the gut microbiota is a
key for effective management of bothersome Pruritus

Reduces IL6, TNF alpha.

Improves CVD Morbidity risk factors.

Reduces CRP.

Improves Nutritional Status.

Improves QOL-General health improvement seen in 78% patients
(QOL - SF 36 KDoQI).


Daily 1-2 Sachets or as recommended by the Physician


Empty 1 gm sachet powder into 10-20ml of normal water or can be taken directly 15-20 minutes before Meal. (Not to be taken with milk or hot water)

Dr Sanjay et al, IJBCP | April 2017 | Vol 6 | Issue 4, Page 765

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