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Protinace 98

For critically ill patients on RT & JT feed

(Whey protein concentrate 100%
+ Protease enzyme + Nutrients)

Ideal protein supplementation for ICU patients. High PDCAAS value >1.

Single dose formulation - avoids contamination in ICU and convenient in achieving therapeutic dosage 1.5gm-2.5gm/kg bw.

Lowest protein - dump,
limits inflammation and
organ injury.

Speeds up recovery and
shortens ICU stay

Effective meal replacement with least volume of

*Each 68gm bottle contains 100% Whey Protein 20gms, 13 Vitamins, 15 Micro & Macro Nutrients, Enzyme Protease 4.55mn USP, MCT - Coconut Oil, Fatty acids source Flax seed


Patients who require high Protein Diet
Crtically ill patients
Liver Cirrhosis


1-2 bottles/day or as adviced by physician In critical care, patients dosage can go upto 5 bottles/day

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