Protinace 98

Enzotein Plus Powder 68gms
(Whey protein concentrate 100% + Protease enzyme + Nutrients)
  • For critically ill patients on RT & JT feed
  • Meal replacement therapy addressing Cephalic phase

Turns the corner in critically ill and accelerated starvation patients
Ideal protein supplementation for ICU patients. High PDCAAS value >1.
Speeds up recovery and
shortens ICU stay
Single dose formulation - avoids contamination in ICU and convenient in achieving therapeutic dosage 1.5gm-2.5gm/kg bw.
Lowest protein - dump,
limits inflammation and
organ injury.
Effective meal replacement with least volume of

Direction & Usage

Protinace to be reconstituted in 200ml of normal water
(Avoid hot water and milk)

Special Note*

*Each 68gm Sachet contains 100% Whey Protein 20gms, 13 Vitamins, 15 Micro & Macro Nutrients, Enzyme Protease 4.55mn USP, MCT - Coconut Oil, Fatty acids source Flax seed


1-2 Sachet/Day or as recommended by physician


What is Protinace (Enzotein Plus) used for?

Protinace is a scientifically designed and proven medical-nutritional therapy tailored for accelerated recovery in critically ill patients. It serves as an ideal meal replacement therapy and is well-suited for Rhyles Tube and Jejunum tube feeding.

How is Protinace different from other protein supplements?

Protinace stands out by maximising protein absorption in the small intestine, breaking it down into di and tri peptides. It comprises of 100% Whey concentrate enriched with 13 multivitamins and 15 micro and macro nutrients. Scientifically proven, Protinace demonstrates over 18 times improvement in Albumin compared to double the dosage of other proteins. Its efficacy is evident as three sachets are equivalent to one tin (400gm) of many protein supplements in the market.

What are the benefits of Protinace (Enzotein Plus)?

Protinace guarantees optimal absorption and assimilation of protein, marking a significant breakthrough in critically ill patients. Studies affirm the crucial role of Medical Nutrition Therapy in expediting recovery for critically ill patients. Protinace, coupled with enzymes, aids in reducing hsCRP inflammatory markers—a benefit not observed when administering protein supplements alone.

What is the scientific data supporting Enzotein Plus, and how does it differ from peptide supplementation?

A study published in the International Journal of Nephrology and Therapeutics—a three-arm study where the Enzotein Plus group showcased superiority over double the dose of Whey protein. The study, titled “Can ENZOTEIN be an Effective Alternative as Low Dose Protein Supplement in Malnourished Low Income End Stage Renal Disease Patients?”, also sheds light on its potential. Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine emphasises that only di and tri peptides are absorbed, a claim not made by other protein preparations in their formulations.

When should I take Protinace (Enzotein Plus)?

Take Protinace (Enzotein Plus) as recommended by your doctor or dietitian.

Is Enzotein Plus superior?

Yes. In a clinical trial, Enzotein Plus showcased its supremacy over double the dosage of whey protein, leading to an impressive 18 times increase in albumin turnover within six months of therapy.

How to consume Protinace (Enzotein Plus)?

Reconstitute Protinace (Enzotein Plus) in 200ml of water. Start by adding 50ml of water to make a paste, then add 150ml more. It’s now ready for administration in RT and JT Feed.

Does Protinace taste good?

Protinace comes with a vanilla flavour, with a minimal quantity used to prevent side effects associated with flavours high in phosphorus and potassium.

What is the pack size of Protinace, and how should it be stored?

Protinace comes in a box with 14 sachets, and it can be stored at room temperature.

Is Protinace patented?

Yes, a patent application for Protinace was submitted in 2020.