Guided by our distinguished leadership, Mylin has revolutionized healthcare, introducing innovative solutions synonymous with success. Their strategic vision and unwavering commitment have embraced milestones, redefining excellence in the biotech realm.
Meet our leadership team whose collective expertise not only inspires Mylin to reach new heights but shapes the narrative of success in healthcare innovation, resonating with our shared commitment to a brighter, healthier future


Founder and CEO

P. Prabhakaran, brings more than 28 years of visionary leadership to the pharmaceutical industry. In 2013, driven by a singular focus on addressing unmet needs in CKD, Hepatology, and Critical Care, he founded Mylin Biotech India Pvt Ltd.
Under his guidance, the company achieved a historic milestone as the first Indian firm to present a clinical trial at the prestigious American Society of Nephrology in 2020.
With a commitment to evidence-based solutions, Prabhakaran’s leadership continues to propel Mylin Biotech towards innovative pharmaceutical advancements in CKD, Hepatology, and Critical Care.

R. Ramajayam
Managing Director

Mr. R. Ramajayam is a people-oriented leader, and plays a pivotal role in supporting business operations at Mylin.
With an arts postgraduate and Bachelor of Law from Madras University, Mr. Ramajayam brings a unique blend of academic expertise to the corporate realm. His responsibilities encompass internal company management, drawing on practical knowledge to ensure successful business operations, profitable management, and effective cost control.
As a hands-on professional, Mr. Ramajayam contributes significantly to Mylin Biotech’s strategic direction, fostering a culture of efficiency and success.

Prabhakaran Kavitha
Head of Finance

With an Arts degree from Madras University and an illustrious 22-year management journey, Mrs. Prabhakaran Kavitha assumes the pivotal role of Head of Finance within Mylin Biotech India Pvt Ltd.
In her capacity as the head of financial leadership, Mrs. Prabhakaran Kavitha bears responsibility for the meticulous planning, implementation, management, and control of all financial-related activities.
Possessing a wealth of experience and a discerning financial acumen, Ms. Prabhakaran is strategically positioned to navigate the intricacies of our organisational financial landscape. Her overarching vision not only aims to fortify the financial soundness of the company but also to make substantial contributions to its comprehensive growth and sustainability.

Head of Operations

With over 30 years of seasoned leadership, Mr. Sudhakar spearheads Mylin Biotech India Pvt Ltd’s manufacturing and operations in Bangalore.
Mr. Sudhakar brings a wealth of expertise from his three-decade tenure at AstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd., where he last served as Production & Technical Services Head. His proficiency extends to global regulatory audits, green field projects, and facility upgrades, emphasising safety, quality, and cGMP compliance.
A maestro in Lean Management, he champions operational efficiency, cost optimisation, and continuous improvement, fostering a culture of excellence at Mylin’s production facility. Under his guidance, Mylin achieves streamlined processes, maximised productivity, and unwavering adherence to quality and regulatory standards.

Vishwanath Tavakari
Marketing and Manufacturing Director

With a strong foundation in pharmaceuticals, Vishwanath Tavakari, a B. Pharm graduate from the University of Mumbai, has more than three decades of industry expertise. His dynamic career spans 14 years in both manufacturing and sales, coupled with two decades as a Critical Care Medical Distributor.
Over the last five years, Mr. Tavakari has been a key collaborator with Mylin founder Mr. Prabhakaran, offering invaluable support in both manufacturing and marketing of Mylin brands. Mr. Tavakari’s strategic insights and extensive experience underscore his pivotal role in advancing Mylin’s commitment to excellence in the pharmaceutical domain.

Vinay Dhadd
GM Sales

With an illustrious career spanning almost 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Vinay Dhadd assumes the role of General Manager of Sales at Mylin Biotech. A science graduate, his tenure since 2019 has been marked by a substantial impact on the organization’s growth.
Mr. Dhadd strategically promotes business at key levels, leveraging his extensive industry knowledge to enhance market presence. His dedication and experience make him a driving force in shaping Mylin Biotech’s success trajectory.

Vaidyanathan Viswanath (Vishy)
Business consultant- International.

Vaidyanathan Viswanath (Vishy) is a Post-Graduate in Pharmacology with over 3 decades experience in Sales, Marketing, Business development and Strategic planning in the pharmaceutical industry across Asia.
His previous experience includes stint at Serum Institute (Serono) and Astra, in India, both in Sales and Marketing, 8 years with Pharmacia in India and China. He was then the BD and Strategic Planning Director for Pfizer China and BD Director – Asia for Capsugel (Division of Pfizer) until 2011 based in Bangkok. Since 2011 and till date Vishy is offering his services as an Independent Consultant and Advisor to various Pharma/Biotech companies. In this role Vishy offers his expertise in the area of Strategy, Business Development, Marketing and Sales & Alliance Management. With his deep understanding of the trends in the industry, backed up by his strong networking capabilities, Vishy envisions to act as a bridge for these companies to reach out to partners across the globe.