Research & Development

“Leading the Way in Cutting-Edge Research:
Mylin’s R&D Advancements ”
Dedicated to advancing scientific frontiers, Mylin distinguishes itself in pioneering Synbiotics, Enzobiotics, and Enzotein research in the Indian biotech landscape. Our steadfast commitment to scientific exploration underscores our mission to contribute meaningfully to the field, driving innovation and progress.

Key Achievements:

  • Clinical Advancements: Spearheaded a clinical study employing Synbiotics in Chronic Kidney Disease, showcasing our dedication to advancing therapeutic approaches.
  • Global Recognition: Enzobiotics clinical trial took centre stage at ASN 2020, marking a significant milestone in our global impact.
  • Patent Portfolio: Filed patents for Aminase, Enzotein, and Enzobiotics, solidifying our commitment to protecting and advancing novel solutions.
  • Publication Excellence: Enzotein clinical trial findings published in the esteemed American Journal of Nephrology and Therapeutics, reinforcing our contributions to scientific literature.
  • Innovative Model Development: Pioneered the creation of a model for estimating P-cresols and Indoxyl sulphate levels in Chronic Kidney Disease patients, showcasing our dedication to advancing diagnostics.

Global Reach

In pursuit of pioneering healthcare solutions, Mylin’s impactful innovation transcends borders. Our commitment resonates globally, evident in our patent filings spanning Europe, the USA, Middle East countries, South Africa, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, and Sri Lanka. Mylin’s dedication to groundbreaking research positions us as a catalyst for transformative advancements in pharmaceuticals, impacting global healthcare with a far-reaching footprint.